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Vows and Kiss at Pippin Hill, Charlottesville, Virginia

I want to help you Be Married.  Your wedding and the hours before and after can be some of the most cherished moments of your life.  I’ll put you at ease so you can thoroughly enjoy your day. I’ll hold up your rings, talk about God if that is part of your tradition, say special prayers or the words that are the most meaningful for you. I’ll even help you be comfortable kissing at the end.

Together we’ll plan a ceremony to fit the dream you’ve always had, or I’ll help you come up with what you want. We’ll consider the needs of your family, guests, religious background, location, even season of the year.

Many couples like to schedule pre-marriage coaching sessions. Others don’t. I recommend them but don’t require them.

During the rehearsal I’ll walk you through exactly what will happen during the wedding, but I can officiate with or without a rehearsal. I enjoy working with event planners. Unexpected changes are no problem. I can help you stay calm and enjoy your day no matter what the weather or people do.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting married next week, renewing vows, or eloping, I can help you have a wonderful, meaningful ceremony. I work with couples from diverse social backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious heritages. If you are committed to one another, then I am committed to helping you Be Married.

The two of you are my first priority, then your wedding party, next your family, and finally all of your special guests.

Here’s the official part—I serve on behalf of the state where you are being married and on behalf of the church or religious organization when it applies.