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Encouraging the wedding party is one form of coaching

Loving relationships are a wonderful part of life, but they are not always easy. They require give and take on who will do what, lots of talking and listening, and renegotiating everything when life changes come—a new job, the birth of each child, relocation, health changes, big disappointments, financial losses or windfalls, aging parents, children leaving home.

I can help you before, during and after your wedding. I work with people who want pre-marital counseling, who are already married and want a yearly check up to continue positive habits, or who want to resolve conflict. I even talk to people who are dating or thinking about engagement and aren’t sure if they are ready to take the next step.

I listen carefully to help you sort through problems, options, and solutions to life’s challenges. Here are some ways I can coach you in communication skills:

  • Repeat and paraphrase some of what you’ve said so we all get clear about your concerns.
  • Repeat the heart of your partner’s complaint in a calmer tone so both of you can absorb it.
  • Help you listen to each other better by reminding you to take a deep breath before you speak.
  • Help you realize and accept that the easiest person to change is yourself.
  • Suggest new behaviors that could change how your family members talk to each other.
  • Recommend an individual coaching session that might help either or both of you.
  • Help both of you understand that it sometimes takes saying something three or four times to figure out what you really think and feel about a subject.
  • Realize having second or more chances at conversations is part of forgiveness.

If different counseling or therapy is needed, I will recommend someone for you.