Hi. I’m George.

I live in Durham, North Carolina, with my wife and three children. You could say that I have lots of hands-on practice being married. We navigate life, we’ve taken the kids to DisneyWorld, we argue, we celebrate, we dance. And sometimes life throws us a curve ball, like when a tree fell on and destroyed our house. Through it all, I’m grateful to have the work and the joy of being married.

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Greeting groom before the wedding, Kennebunkport, Maine

You might wonder why a pretty normal guy decides to help people from all walks of life be married. Part of it stems from my education and training; I have degrees from Furman University and Duke University in history and theology, respectively. Another aspect is my faith tradition; I am Pastor of the Tobacco Trail Church, an outdoor community that migrates for its gatherings on and near the American Tobacco Trail in South Durham. I’m also a long-distance runner, and the tenacity and belief that propels me through the final mile isn’t that different from the commitment that keeps people together in relationship.

I want your wedding ceremony to be a reflection and celebration of you and your partner, and that makes me pretty flexible. I’ve found that sometimes a couple wants a lot of input from their officiant and other times, they don’t. Sometimes a couple brings a shared faith tradition and other times, they don’t. I’ve performed weddings in the Duke Chapel, St Ann’s by the Sea, expansive outdoor settings and intimate indoor venues. I’ve coached couples before, during, and after their ceremonies. There are all different ways to prepare for, get, and stay married, and my job is to help you discover and get whatever is right for you.

Want to know more about me and my story? Border Ways, a book of my poems, was published in 2013. You can read some of my poetry and prose At Water’s Edge. Or you can contact me and we’ll take it from there.